Darrell May

Darrell May


Darrell isn't just a former MLB player with global connections; he's your friendly neighborhood expert with stories from every corner of the world and a heart rooted deeply in Austin. Although Darrell is originally from the Pacific Northwest, he has called Austin his home for over 25 years. Despite his frequent travels during his 16 years of professional baseball, Austin has remained his constant base. He blends his wide-reaching sports network with a genuine love for Austin's communities.

Darrell has witnessed the incredible growth and transformation of Austin into the vibrant city it is today. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the constantly changing landscape of the area. During his leisure time, Darrell enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two daughters, who support rival university teams (Hook ‘em & Gig ‘em). He is an avid fan of the many outdoor activities that living in the Austin area provides and you can find him many mornings on the trails running or touring the hills of Austin on his bike. Additionally, he actively contributes to the local sports scene by coaching and mentoring young athletes and supporting various charities within the community.

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